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Mobile Apps have taken the world by storm, anything you can think of is available in some form of an App. I bet you are reading this from your mobile phone right now, using an App. Just think about it, I have a need for something…whether it be to waste some time by playing a game, or it be to gain knowledge on life and of course how to tie that blood knot your friend can do with his eyes closed and takes you half a day to figure out…bet you he has a knot tying App on his phone.
So think about this, you are an angler a keen fisherman that wants to remember that BIG one that almost got away. You have a camera in your pocket, you take a picture and have Apps like Facebook and WatsApp to share that photo with your friends. Telling a story about how windy it was, or how it was so cold your line froze up on a retrieve, or that the barro reading was so high no one caught a single fish for days, until it started raining…
With the Hookit and Bookit Fishing Log App, you have one tool that can give you over 30 different functions. But why, why would I want and need all of this…Have you ever considered that maybe the full moon had no effect on my fishing? What about the water temperature, if it’s below 7 degrees the fish just don’t feed? Why log my Baits and Attractants, does it really matter whether it is sweet, salty, fishy or fruity? Does it really matter that I have a nr. 2 long shank or an old “Van der Merwe” Hook that I have used since a little boy? The fish don’t see my tackle, so what if I fish with 10”, 12”or 13” foot rods and use a coffee grinder, big pit, or magnum reel. Why do I need to record the weight of my fish, and does it matter if it was a Common, King, Leather, Mirror or Full Scale Carp? So I use a combi rig, it has a 15cm black stiff boom section and a 5cm subtle braid tied to a nr. 4 hook with a hair long enough to take a 20mm Boilie and 10mm pop to make a snow man….or I caught my biggest fish using a double hook helicopter rig or Rietvlei rig with a spring lead loaded with a mielie bomb the size of a tennis ball, have a floatie and white dough on each hook and dipped in 2 different flavours….it works for me.
Exactly the reason you need this App, to log and record every detail of your fishing experience. To share it with friends, to see what the weather forecast will be. To enable you as the angler to get more from each new session, what worked last time I was at this dam or venue, what did I miss…you always wanted to Challenge friends and host Competitions, well now you can and you can get the bragging rights for it with proof. How nice would it be to have one App that will give you all of this and more….Pretty nice if you ask over 1800 and growing users internationally? Each user has his/her own unique style of fishing, some fly fish, other bait cast and bass, then there are those that tiger fish and don’t forget the hard core deep sea guys. What they all have in common is the desire to catch more fish, bigger fish, faster fish and to release them so they can do it all over again.
You want data, stats, graphs and predictions…well Hookit and Bookit has it. You want to take a pic if you’re prised catch and share it with friends and post it on Facebook…with Hookit and Bookit you can. You want to know what the weather is going to be like for the next week and every day of that week have a detailed breakdown of barro readings and the moon phase…Hookit and Bookit has that too. You want to log your GPS position of where you are going to fish, add all your Baits, Attractants, Hooks, Line, Rods, Reels, Rigs, Ground feed etc. Hookit and Bookit is comprehensive and detailed. You wanted an electronic Log book and never worry about losing your data…Hookit and Bookit has it and your data with well kept secrets is stored safely on a server in the cloud. Download the App from Google Play and Subscribe for R60 a year and get the ultimate fishing management solution for life. Go on Hookit and Bookit…become part of our vision to make this the best fishing App anyone can have.